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Motorized Blinds

Add ease to your comfort...

To add to the enjoyment that you will get from your new retractable awning, roll shutter or sunscreen, we offer a range of electrical options to motorize these units.

With our electrical controls and motors we are able to let you power your retractable awnings automatically, giving you the convenience of push-button climate control... even when you are away from your Oakville or Burlington home!

All our awnings, roll shutters and roll screens can be motorized. We carry the SOMFY electrical control line that comes with many possibilities and options. Please read the descriptions below to find out about the different options that we offer. To learn more about the manufacturer and specific technical information visit the SOMFY website.


SOMFY Electric Motors

SOMFY's electric motors are specifically designed to be used for retractable awnings and other applications that might need to be rolled up. Its tubular design allows for the motor to sit fully contained within the roll tube of the awning and makes for a clean, concealed installation that blends right in with the lines of your home. Sealed in its place the motor is maintenance free for years of trouble-free service. For added peace of mind all motors can be fitted with a manual override. So when the power goes out on a stormy day you won't get stuck with your awning fully out.

Awning Controls

  • Exterior Control: With the exterior control a wall switch is mounted on the outside wall at a convenient location (i.e. close to an entrance way). Generally, a PVC conduit is run from the motor to the switch and is visible on the wall.
  • Interior control: With the interior control a switch is installed inside your home, hardwired into the existing electrical system. Generally installed beside a patio door or as part of an existing bank of switches, this allows ease of operation and eliminates the need to step outside to control the awning and unsightly conduits on your wall.
  • Remote control: For ultimate ease and functionality we have the optional remote control. This eliminates all switches and allows you to control the awning from anywhere you want. Just make sure you don't lose it!
  • Automatic Wind Control: For additional protection of your awning an automatic wind sensor will safeguard against sudden gusts of wind or an unexpected storm when you are not there to retract the awning. Automatic wind control is available in combination with a remote control or low-voltage wall switch.
  • Automatic Sun and Wind Control: This is an ideal feature for commercial use or if you are concerned about the temperature in your house, and the fading of your rugs and furniture. The SOMFY sun and wind control offers state-of-the-art security for the ultimate awning protection and convenience; when the sun comes out, so does your awning, and when the wind moves in, your awning does to. The included low-voltage control panel lets you choose your own sensitivity settings and allows you to turn the unit on or off when you want.

To find out more about electric controls please contact our showroom, or contact us through this web site, and we'll be more than willing to help you out.

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