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Retractable Awnings

Increase your living space!

You have invested in a nice deck or patio for your Burlington or Oakville home, but you find the sun forces you to sit inside all the time? Are you concerned your furniture and carpet will discolour from the sun, or are you trying to beat the ever-increasing energy bill?

A retractable awning is the solution. On a hot sunny day, a retractable awning will give you the energy savings and protection that you are looking for.

Our Retractable Awnings are available in many different styles and sizes to suit most situations. When it comes to the width there are virtually no limits. We can go from 8ft to 40ft or more, while projections range from 5ft to a commercial 16ft.

The frames of our awnings are made of high quality aluminum castings and extrusions to provide a corrosion free system. The arms are fitted with up to four internal springs to create a high tensioned system that is engineered to provide maximum strength and longevity. All our awning are standard equipped with a manual crank and can be fitted with an electrical control.

We make a distinction between two basic styles of awnings. We have the traditional style, referred to as Classic. And we also carry a "hip roof" style, referred to as the Marcesa. In situations where an awning is mounted on a bare wall or on top of the roof we recommend to use the available cassette feature which we now carry to substitute the traditional hood cover.


The Classic Awning

A very versatile awning style that slopes down in a straight line when extended. It is most commonly used in situations of relatively low height and exposures that have the sun travel parallel to the length of the awning (northern - and southern exposures), which allows for maximum shade.

The Marcesa Awning

An innovative and ingeniously designed retractable awning with a center beam stabilizer bar that gives a "hip roof" effect when extended. This design makes the Marcesa stronger and more stable in the wind. The increased slope at the front half of the awning gives better low angle sun protection, making it especially effective for eastern or western exposures. A minimum of nine feet of height is recommended when installing a Marcesa style awing.

Empress Classic / Empress Marcesa

"Empress" indicates the fact that the awning is fitted with a cassette that allows the fabric to retract in a cover that gives it year-round protection from the elements. With its sleek look and cassette feature it is the workhorse of our assortment. The empress is available in both Classic and Marcesa style. Mounted on your wall, or underneath your soffit or on your roof, this awning is the best choice in most situations. An added benefit is that this awning can be fitted with an electrical control without additional modifications, as the electrical unit sits protected inside the cassette.

The Primasol Awning

Primasol semi-cassette awnings combine a unique design with heavy duty construction. When closed the curved front bar aligns with the aluminum awning hood to protect the fabric from dirt, birds, and all weather conditions.

The innovative protection tube keeps fabric clean and looking new.

The Hampton Awning

Hampton awnings are designed for the most discerning tastes. To protect the awning arms and fabric from dirt, birds and all weather conditions, the Hampton retracts completely into a compact 61/1" extruded aluminum cassette. Crafted from the strongest materials available, the Hampton will harmonized with your outdoor decor and add extravagance to your lifestyle.

The La Gomera Awning

La Gomera awnings are among the best on the market. Durable construction is complemented with practical design features to offer superior value and excellent quality. A variety of value-added options are available to make this multi-function awning even more practical.

  • Pitch adjustment allows you to easily change the angle of your awning to provide the perfect amount of shade.
  • Shade Plus™ provides a vertical drop shade from the front bar of your awning to create privacy and protection from direct sunlight.
  • Cross-over arms are the ideal solution for shading large areas with a narrow awning.

Drop Shade Awning

When dealing with a westerly exposure it is usually impossible for an awning to keep out the sun when it gets later in the day and the sun starts getting low on the western horizon. The solution is an adjustable drop shade that can be raised or lowered according to the height of the sun. A drop shade is also ideal to create a private area for when you want to sit on your deck or patio and you don't want the neighbours looking in.

Wind Assist

  • Help stabilize the awning
  • Available with flush mount plates
  • Low profile attach to wood or concrete
  • Custom side shades available

Call now for a free estimate, and we will come over to have a look at your house to determine the best solution for your situation. Height, controls and mounting-strength all play a role in deciding what will work best. From roof mount to free standing we have a way to mount them all. It does not happen very often that we have to say that we can't do it.

Disclaimer: Please remember that a retractable awning is solely meant to give you relief and protection from the sun. Never use your retractable awning in rainy or snowy conditions! Your warranty will be void if the awning is used contrary to these stipulations. 

Sunbrella Awning

Let your indoor party expand to the outdoors. Encourage the kids to play outside in the shade. Enjoy lunch on your deck in August. All are possible when you have an awning with Sunbrella fabric. And if you want to have the heat of the sun in the winter but have the comfort of shade in the summer, then add a Somfy motor. Just push a button, and you'll have all the protection you need to cover a room-sized patio or deck in less than 90 seconds. You control whether to enjoy an open-air feeling or shading and privacy with your family and friends. From moment to moment, it's up to you. Installing an awning is like making a low-cost room addition while also adding value to your home.

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