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Windows & Canopies

Control Your Energy Bill

Nowadays there are many options and features that are meant to keep out the sun. There are special treatments on glass, interior blinds, darkening film, you name it, but no matter what you do there is nothing as effective as blocking the sun before its damaging rays actually hit your glass. At JANS Awning Products, we carry a full line of window awnings and canopies that can indeed provide that solution in an effective and tasteful way to complement your Burlington, Oakville, or Ancaster home.

With a window awning or canopy you can keep the sun from entering directly into your home. This prevents the UV rays from damaging your carpets and furniture, but it also allows you to keep out the heat and keep down the air conditioning costs. You can choose between a fixed or a retracting style with a choice of over 200 different colours of fabric.


The Baroness Retractable Awning

The Baroness is a retractable unit that can be operated with a manual control installed either on the outside wall or on the inside of your house. To protect the fabric, the Baroness is equipped with an aluminum housing that will cover the fabric when the awning is fully retracted.

A special feature of the Baroness is that it has a 180-degree projection radius, which allows the awning to cover the whole window from top to bottom. If needed, this unit can be operated with an electrical control.

Fixed canopies and domes

Add elegance and beauty to your home.

At JANS Awning Products, we carry a line of fixed domes and canopies that are made with high quality extruded aluminum frames. These tough frames are corrosion and rust resistant and will stand the test of time. You can choose to have your dome covered in vinyl or poly acrylic.  Because of our durable frames, years down the road, your awning is the perfect candidate for our awning recover services.  Styles change, and weather will naturally take its toll on your fabric.  With our fixed canopies and domes we can easily refurbish the frame, and update your awnings.

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