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1201 Series - Aluminum Patio Covers

For larger span aluminum patio covers, we use the 1201 series, which has all the same features as the 1200 series except for the thermally broken I-beam that is used to join the panels.

  • Polystyrene or polyurethane roof panels jointed with thermally broken I beams.
  • Stucco finished aluminum ceiling / roof

Patio Roof Options and Features:

  • Built in Gutter
  • Optional Skylights
  • Load bearing
  • Versatile Applications
  • Low-slope Applications
  • Neat / Clean Look
  • Colour choice for Fascia Strips
  • Maintenance Free

For Aluminum Patio Covers, contact Jans Awning Products in Burlington Ontario.  We service Burlington, Oakville, and the surrounding areas such as Brantford, Grimsby, and Niagara.

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