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Aluminum Patio Roof Overview


Our embossed-aluminum clad-insulated roof system comes with built-in eaves troughs and optional skylights. This system is called the Duraform Roof System, and can be custom shaped and sized to fit around existing structures such as chimneys or bays, and allows for endless possibilities. The Duraform roof is engineered to provide maximum insulation and load bearing capabilities. This makes it an ideal material to give you comfort in summer and winter.

All Duraform Roof Systems come with a heavy duty extruded - built in - gutter system and a thermally broken rear shelf. We custom-order each aluminum patio roof system and can make them fit to almost every situation.

Since 1966, Jans Awning Products has been selling and installing Aluminum Patio Roofs in  Burlington, Oakville and in the surrounding areas.

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