Free-standing Awnings

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Awnings are an excellent solution for any Burlington homeowner or business owner who wants to create extra shade or shelter from the elements. Especially as we try to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, more people prefer to dine and entertain outdoors.   But having an awning that is attached to your home or business is… Read more »

Patio Roof Types

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Your patio is a great place to relax with family, enjoy meals outdoors and entertain guests – when the weather is perfect. When it’s not, we’re often forced to go back indoors to be more comfortable. Want to help maximize the enjoyment of your patio even during harsh weather? Installing a patio roof can help… Read more »

Ordering and Installing Your Retractable Awning

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For some residents of Burlington, the decision to purchase a retractable awning is an easy one. They imagine themselves enjoying their backyard with a few friends and their favourite beverages, all while being perfectly comfortable since their awning shades them from the hot sun or gentle rain. But once you’ve decided to purchase a retractable… Read more »

Seven Benefits of Somfy Sensors

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Smart technology in homes was once the domain of sci-fi movies or at least it was something that was reserved for only the very wealthy. But as technology improves and the price point comes down, we can expect smart home technology to become both more accessible and more common. Today we are seeing smart technology… Read more »

The Benefits of Patio Enclosures

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Many homeowners who have a porch or deck wish that they could get more use out of it. If you happen to be one of them, you may want to consider adding a patio enclosure to your home. Whether you would like to enclose your porch fully or add a screen system, patio enclosures can… Read more »