50 Years

Jans Windows and Doors is a tried, trusted and true leader in the field of windows and patio doors.

Established nearly five decades ago, Jans Windows and Doors has earned a reputation for excellence that few Hamilton-area companies can boast of. When Gerry and Jannie Jans founded the company in 1966 from their Burlington home, the company focus was on aluminum awnings, storm windows and doors. In 1982, Jans introduced local consumers to the ultra-convenient retractable awnings. And while awnings are still the mainstay of the business, the company’s outstanding reputation has since extended to roll shutters and screens, patio hard roofs, railings, and of course, quality windows and doors.

North Star Windows and Doors

Jans carries the highly reputable, innovative North Star line of windows and patio doors that have been built to withstand extreme weather conditions. North Star combines great looks, leading energy efficiency and cares about the environment inside and outside your home by saving energy and eliminating waste through a production process that ensures a greener future for everyone.

family room windows


Jans specializes in bay and bow windows, but offers a full line of vinyl windows and patio doors to meet every demand — contemporary or traditional—in today’s market place.

Equally as important as quality is the way your windows and doors – and any other product – are installed. With Jans Windows and Doors, you can trust the hands of an experienced, local installer and enjoy peace of mind with a transferable limited lifetime manufacturers warranty.

Herman Jans, who now owns Jans Windows and Doors with his wife Joanne, said that through 48 years in operation the company’s main source of business is, and always has been, word-of-mouth references.

To ensure the utmost quality and customer satisfaction, Jans takes great care to work only with suppliers that fully back their products and have earned a name for themselves through a proven record of excellence.

Not just windows and doors

Along with the top-notch North Star line, Jans carries roll shutters and retractable screens by Talius. The products are designed to withstand the elements and give homeowners comfort and peace of mind in knowing their property is protected from sun and would-be intruders.

living room rollshutters


Jans also supplies and installs patio hard roofs, which are aluminum-clad insulated roof systems that come complete with built-in eavestroughs and optional skylights. The system, called the Duraform Roof System, can be custom shaped and sized to fit around existing structures, such as chimneys or bays, and is an ideal material to provide comfort in the sunny days of summer or the bone-chilling temperatures of winter.

It has been Jans Windows and Doors’ privilege to serve homeowners and businesses in the Golden Horseshoe Area, and Herman and Joanne would like to thank all who have contributed to the company’s success.

And while founder Gerry has retired, the young-at- heart 81-year-old still goes out on the odd sales call and enjoys chatting with longtime customers.

As a testament to their longevity and success in the marketplace, Jans recently welcomed customers into their new and improved showroom at 4361 Harvester Rd. The bright and attractively decorated location allows products to be displayed in an attractive manner and features a faux side of a home with awnings, windows and doors on display. They invite you to visit their new showroom today!

Jans Windows and Doors has a great reputation and is well-known to scores of satisfied customers. People know that when they choose Jans, the name speaks for itself in terms of quality.

Somfyl logoYou have a beautiful home with stunning outdoor spaces that you long to use in a more functional way. And when you opt for motorized awnings from Jans Awning Products, you can! The outdoor spaces like decks and patios can be very effectively and simply converted into an area that you can use comfortably, regardless of how the weather is.

The Features

When we install these awnings for you, they will match your requirements to perfection and it is a great way of expanding the living space of your home. Our awnings have a range of standard features like:

  • PVC-coated arm cables that provide superior strength
  • Easy precision-retractable pitch adjustments
  • Folding arms for any narrow widths for much larger projections
  • Mounting hardware for roofs, ceilings and walls are available
  • Protective hardware covers

In addition to these standard features, you can opt for optional ones such as:

  • Wireless & retractable motorized-awning remotes & sensors
  • 1-piece weather sealed hoods
  • Front bar-drop valances that provide low sun protection
  • Semi-Cassettes that provide ultimate fabric protection
  • 1-piece weather sealed hoods

The Benefits

Home spaces are not just about the interiors and all the outdoor areas add dimension to the space. If you are considering any home renovation project to upgrade the outdoor living spaces on your property, look at the benefits of motorized awnings:

  • You can automatically unroll them for protection and shade against direct sunlight and harsh UV rays / light rain showers
  • Since these awnings do not have any vertical supports/ standing frames they give you an unobstructed space and view
  • They can be rolled-back/ unrolled at the touch of a button with programmed automated settings, via a remote control/ wall switch
  • The shade that these awnings provide translate into energy savings in your home, by helping you save up to 50-60% on air-conditioning bills

Large Variety

In addition, the optional awnings accessories and features come in handy in anticipating changes in weather which keep your motorized awnings well-protected. If you like, you can have weather sensors installed. These can detect wind, sun and rain and will unroll and roll accordingly. What’s more is that our awnings come in a range of shades and colors and you can pick ones that match the look of your home and business.

High Quality Products

Every one of our products is made with the highest quality fittings, fabric and hardware and is covered with guarantees. This ensures you get motorized awnings that will last for years and years with the least amount of maintenance. If you are looking for the best motorized awnings anywhere in Burlington, Oakville, Mississauga, Hamilton, Brantford, Milton, Grimsby, Ancaster or Brampton, contact Jans Awning Products. You can reach us at 905.335.3733 or via this online form and order your motorized awnings today.

Replacing old and outdated windows is a costly proposition for any homeowner, yet a very wise investment. Installing new windows not only provides you with a more energy efficient home, but it will substantially reduce your utility bills. Since utility rates continue to rise, homeowners recognize that having new windows is more than a luxury. Home energy-efficiency is now a prerequisite for keeping costs down, and installing energy-efficient windows can save over 40% on your electricity bills throughout the year.

Newer windows will separate your home from harsh weather and extreme exterior temperatures; thereby, reducing the adjustments required by your heating and cooling system. The advancement in design, technology and manufacturing makes today’s windows well-constructed, easy to clean and durable. According to HGTV, 60%-90% of your costs can be recouped when you invest in Energy Star rated windows, making replacing windows a great return on investment.

In addition to the energy savings, new windows enhance your home’s curb appeal with a cleaner and more polished look. Windows are the cornerstone of your home’s visual interest and they can add a striking feature to your home. Replacement windows are designed with smaller frames that provide a larger glass surface for more natural light to flow throughout the home. Natural light is more attractive and appealing for a healthier environment and makes any task more pleasurable. Additionally, replacement windows increase airflow, ventilation and improved comfort. They are constructed to reduce outside noise and increase privacy while the UV protection guards against interior damage that can occur from solar heat and harmful rays.

kitchen windows Ancaster home

Aside from all of the benefits and common inquiries about replacing windows, like style, color, and type of glass, many homeowners ask what time of the year is best for replacing windows.

When to Replace Your Windows:

Once you’ve made the decision to replace your old windows with new, state-of-the-art, energy-efficient models, you might think that sooner is better to start saving on your utility bill. However, there are some things to consider when determining which season is the best for installation, both for you and your home.

Ideally, the best time to plan for installation is during the time of the year when outside weather is more predictable and comfortable. If possible, you should avoid installing in the most extreme weather months such as winter and summer because even a few days in extreme temperatures like heat, humidity, cold or precipitation, puts your home at risk. Although you can rest assured seasoned pros will do the best job possible, inclement weather can be detrimental because it puts your installation professionals in danger. Also, if the installer is distressed from severe weather conditions, you may not get the best possible installation. Caulking may not set well and moisture can affect the tight tolerances related to installation. Even though good window companies and installers know how to finesse these issues, it’s something to consider.

To minimize the risk of extreme outside elements to your home and installer, spring and fall are better times of the year to install energy efficient windows. These two seasons are particularly good because they both come ahead of the harsh winter season and you can take advantage of a noticeable drop in your utility bills sooner.

On the other hand, seasoned professionals are a different breed, and ultimately you can install energy efficient windows at any time of year. These professionals know how to work around bad weather and they can work around anything short of a blizzard. Since the installation takes less than a couple of days, it’s unlikely that you and your home will be faced with a major weather event that causes damage. When you stop to think about it, if companies only installed in “optimal weather conditions”, they wouldn’t stay in business very long.

The one major downside of scheduling during spring and fall is that everyone else is booking the same thing at the same time. You may find yourself on a waiting list for installation and unable to get it during that time frame, so relax, good companies have you covered any time of the year.

If you would like your windows replaced, contact Jans Awnings in Burlington, we service the Burlington, Hamilton and Flamborough region of Ontario

With the temperature plunging and the days getting shorter, it’s never too soon for homeowners to consider the numerous tasks that need to be done to get their home ready for winter. Getting the interior and exterior of your house prepared for the frigid winds, snow, sleet and ice is critical for keeping your home in tip-top shape so that you stay safe, warm and toasty inside.

You’re better off to prevent potential problems ahead of time, because once the harshness of winter arrives any issues that crop up in your home is nothing but a costly headache to fix. By being proactive in fall insuring that your home is ready for the harsh winter elements, you’ll lower your energy bills, increase its efficiency and lifespan of your home’s components while protecting your investment.

Windows at a winter chalet


Having windows cleaned in the fall is very beneficial because leaves and debris falling from the trees cause the screens and windows to become quite dirty. This grunge reduces the amount of sunlight that can come in the house to warm it during the chilling days of winter. When sunlight is reduced from entering your home, you will have to compensate by using more heat, which will increase your utility bills. Since your windows are going to be locked up for months, having your windows cleaned in the fall gives your home more curb appeal. It also prevents permanent harm from occurring since unmaintained windows will eventually stay dirty permanently. This perpetual grime can be damaging since dirty windows cause your windows to degrade, and when this happens, the glass becomes brittle and is more likely to crack.

Sealing windows is equally important to cleaning your windows before the snow flies in order to keep your house warm and reduce energy costs. Using caulking to seal up the cracks is a simple way to prevent drafts from leaking into your home. Alternatively, covering your windows in a thin plastic film helps to waterproof your home due to severe winter weather conditions.


Your gutters are designed to help move water, melting snow and debris away from your roof and home, but when they overflow with leaves they get clogged, create water damage, ice damage to the roof, freeze and crack the pipes. This can ruin the inside of your home and cause mold, mildew and decay on the ceilings or walls and it can weaken your home’s foundation. Consumer reports suggest that leader pipes should extend at least five feet from the home. Overflowing gutters can cause your windows, siding, wood or brick exterior to become muddy and a broken or clogged gutter can result in backed up stagnant water resulting in unwanted animals and insects. Clogged gutters can result in damage to your landscape in close proximity to your house due to falling ice accumulations.


Cleaning your chimney each year before winter arrives is something every responsible homeowner should get done. If you didn’t get around to doing it last year, be sure to have a certified chimney inspector come in during the fall before the hearth starts running regularly again this year. A clean fireplace improves air quality because it prevents smoke from blowing back into the house. This ensures that your family remains safe while using the fireplace, especially during winter months when doors and windows are shut.

By cleaning your chimney ahead of it being consistently used, it will help to keep your home running better because the air motion in your home will flow better and be cleaner. It’s important to keep your damper closed since an open damper will allow warm air to escape when the fireplace is not in use and that’s likely to be costly in energy bills over time. You should also have the chimney checked to make sure it is securely attached to your roof with no signs of rust or any other kind of deterioration like water damage. Water damage is not just destructive to your chimney, but to your whole house.

It’s on its way:

With winter fast approaching, fall is the perfect time to get your home ready for the onslaught of Old Man Winter. Fortunately, if you take a few simple steps now before the big freeze, your home will be more energy efficient, safer and warm until the spring thaw occurs.

Advanced window technology has a major impact on the comfort and energy efficiency in a house; however, there is a broader influence in the recent revolution of window performance. Due to the new glazing technologies that provide a highly effective insulating value and solar protection, house design plays an important role when choosing the right windows for window performance.
Beautiful Living Room Windows
Historically, there have been old assumptions that windows were the weak link in building design and this passé idea created limitations on design freedom or performance requirements. However, the new technologies have challenged this assertion as being invalid and restrictive. Today’s homeowner has a multitude of options for window designs that simply did not exist before the evolution of this advanced technology and manufacturing expertise. Windows provide the aesthetic appeal of a home for its views, ventilation and quantity of daylight.

Energy Savings

They impact the comfort, energy consumption, maintenance requirements and cost of the home. The window size and placement must be determined to the exterior appearance and quality of interior spaces in which architectural decisions are interwoven with site design. Before you select new windows for your home, it’s a good idea to determine which type of windows will work best for energy efficiency and what type of window will provide you with the most visual appeal for your home. It’s recommended to look for energy-efficient windows with the ENERGY STAR® label because minimum energy performance ratings have been established by varying climates, but do not take into account home design and orientation. Since there are numerous rooms in a house, the kitchen will be reviewed for which types of windows would suit it best.

Kitchens retain a lot of moisture, so whatever type of window you install, it should reduce moisture, be easy to operate, take up as little space as possible and yet provide proper natural light and adequate ventilation.

  1. A double-hung window is designed to provide natural light, a view that you enjoy and provide privacy. There are two sashes (moveable parts) that operate vertically and offer maximum ventilation to the room. When open, they consume a limited amount of exterior space and they are easy to maintain by rolling them up for cleaning and washing. This window limits the amount of space used while opening up towards the wall.
  2. A gliding window is suitable for the kitchen because it is easy to open plus offers a stylish look to the wall. The window has two sashes that open horizontally, pass each other and provides maximum ventilation and easy cleaning. Its simple design provides dependability of operation.
  3. A casement window is located over the sink and easy to open and close. They provide excellent natural light that can eliminate the need for artificial lighting during the day. The window is generally located at one side of a wall and opens outwards with proper views from top-to-bottom and side-to-side. They have a seal lock for greater security and when open, provide full ventilation to the room.
  4. A skylight window reduces the moisture the kitchen by providing maximum ventilation and light. The window opens outwards and it is best placed facing the sun for added warmth. It has a smooth and easy operation using a hand crank or motorized control that holds the window firmly in position. The skylight is an ideal choice for humid environments like kitchens and bathrooms because they are water resistant.
  5. An awning window is both practical and attractive and the perfect solution for increased ventilation and light. They are often placed above or below other windows and are hinged at the top and open outward with an easy to operate handle. They match well with many home décor styles and when combined with other windows, they offer architectural interest, light and ventilation to a room. In the end, the main purpose of a window is to allow ventilation and fresh air to move in and out of your rooms. Therefore, deciding which type of window suits your needs for the rooms in your house will determine the type of window you install.

Maintaining a home is a lot about using the best products which will last long, be durable, low-maintenance as well as cost-efficient in the long term. With all these factors in mind, regardless of how large or small your house or its windows are, energy efficient windows are a great option.

Windows in Winter

Different Energy Efficient Features

Poorly insulated and drafty windows can be a huge financial drain in terms of heating or cooling costs and energy-efficient windows are a must-have in every home. Take a look at why installing energy efficient windows is a smart choice and the features that you should be looking for:

  • Low-E – This is definitely the #1 reason and a very important feature for increasing the energy-rating of any window. This is the reflective coating that is applied in the inside of a glass window. It is very effective in reflecting the sun and keeps the blazing heat out during the summer months. What’s also important is that it reflects interior heat into the home during the winter and keeps your home warm. In addition, it keeps out the very harmful ultraviolet rays that fade walls, furniture and curtains
  • Argon Gas– This feature is an ideal method of increasing energy-efficiency in a home. Argon gas is sandwiched between two sheets of glass in the window pane. This provides effective insulation and makes your home more energy efficient.
  • Intercept Spacers– These are also a key insulation feature for glass windows. These spacers hold & seal triple or double panes of insulated glass together. They are very effective in reducing condensation issues around the perimeter of insulated glass. These can up energy efficiency of your windows by a minimum of 5%
  • Interlocking Meeting Rail– This particular feature is only for sliding and double-hung windows and is definitely a very effective energy efficiency one. They have an interlocking meeting rail at the point where the window connects with a channel which locks onto each other once the window has been closed. It reduces condensation and keeps out drafts
  • Weather Stripping– This is an excellent way of blocking water and air filtration. Ideally you should opt for windows that have weather stripping right round the edges at the point where the window meets the master frame

The Perfect Window Solutions

At the outset, you might find some of these options a little heavy on the pocket, but the fact is that in the long run, they are definite money-savers. You can use a mix-and-match of features to increase the energy-efficiency of your home. It will help you save on energy bills and on replacement costs for furniture, curtains etc.

In addition to all these efforts, it’s also important to have the right kind of awnings outside your windows. These go a long way in shading the windows and add to their energy efficiency as well.

Rollshutter for warmth

Rollshutters can keep your home and commercial space warm and comfortable during the cold winter months. They create an effective barrier against weather elements and reduce your energy bills.

They also make your house or commercial space more secure. Burglars can’t break into your home or store, if you keep the rolling shutters down and locked. In fact, commercial properties and homes secured with rollshutters have reduced insurance costs.

Shutters are helpful during the hot summer months as well. They will prevent heat and light from entering your space. This will reduce your cooling costs.

Rolling shutters have come a long way since their early days. While you can still find steel rolling shutters in many storefronts, more stylish and energy efficient varieties are also available now. Rolling shutters are available in a variety of colors including white, brown, beige and grey. You can install them over large windows. Roll shutters can also be used to secure your patio or porch. Keep the shutters closed to prevent heat and sunlight from entering your home.

Rolling shutters also provide greater privacy. They will prevent outside noise from getting into your home. For people, who work in shifts, shutters can be a great help because they provide that right ambience where you can fall asleep comfortably.

Different types of rolling shutters are available. If energy efficiency is your primary concern, you should consider choosing the Talius rollshutters. They will increase the R-value of your windows. By keeping the shutters rolled down at night, you can limit the heat loss through windows.

How do rollshutters work?

A rollshutter has a simple mechanism. A box which houses the shutter is installed over the window. Tracks are mounted on both sides of the window frame. They allow the shutter to slide up or down. The shutters are usually installed outside, but they are operated from the inside. Both manual and electric operating systems are available. They can be operated easily.

Benefits of rolling shutters

Rollshutters improve the energy efficiency of your home. They also make it more secure. In addition, they protect your privacy by creating a strong barrier between your home and the world outside. Modern rolling shutters are very stylish and can enhance the décor of any home.

For most home and business owners, security is the number one reason to install rolling shutters. To prevent burglars from entering your home or store, you only have to keep the rollshutters down when you are away. Keep the shutters closed and locked for added security.

Advantages of rolling shutters during the winter season

During winter you don’t want the cold air from outside to enter your home. If you keep the rollshutters closed on winter nights, you can create a nice ‘heat envelope’. This will improve the efficiency of your heating system and reduce your heating bills.

Safety tips

Follow these simple safety tips when you have rollshutters. You must not keep the shutters closed when there is an open fire inside. You should also ensure that there are some easy exits.

What direction does your house face? If it faces the south or west, you will get lots of sunlight. While this is certainly a good thing, all that sunlight can make your home unbearably hot during summer.

Awning over patio

Window Protection from the Sun

Awnings are a must if you have a south, west or east facing home. Homes that face the north do not receive much sunlight, but they too need protection from rain.

Awnings not only provide shade and comfort. They also reduce your summer cooling bills. Properly installed awnings over your south or west facing windows will reduce the heat levels inside your house. In fact, studies have shown that awnings can reduce the temperature inside the house by about 20 degrees on a very hot summer day.

Most of the heat inside your house gets in through your windows. If there is no shade in the south or west of your home, your cooling bills will go through the roof. While planting trees and bushes in these areas are certainly effective, this may not be possible in all cases. In this case, the best possible solution is to install awnings over your windows.

Awnings keep your home cooler by preventing sunlight from entering it. You can install them over a window or over an entire side of the house. If awnings are properly installed, they can reduce heat gain by around 65% on a south facing window and by around 77% on west and east facing windows.

Choose light-coloured awnings because they serve two purposes. They will block sunlight. They will also reflect it. This makes them excellent cooling devices. Awnings need ventilation. Otherwise, hot air can get trapped under them. While installing, make sure that there are openings along the sides or tops of the awning. This will provide ventilation.

Retractable Awnings

If cold winters are a big problem in your area, you should choose retractable awnings. You can roll them out when the weather is hot. And during those cold winter months, when you want the available sunlight to enter your home, you can roll them back.

Proper installation of the awnings will enhance the visual appeal of your home. They should be mounted at an angle of around 45 degrees. The awnings should not project into a path that receives foot traffic. If it does, then it has to be at least seven feet above the ground.

The drop of the awning is determined by the location of the window. If it is installed on a west or east facing window, it should cover about 65-75% of the window to block sunlight effectively. On a south-facing window, the awning should cover about 45-55% of the window to create the same cooling effect.

The biggest disadvantage of awnings is that they will block view from the windows. Retractable awnings can solve this problem to a great extent.

Awnings made from a variety of materials are available now. Metal awnings are more durable than fabric awnings. Awnings made from acrylic or polyvinyl laminates can resist mildew and fading. They are also water repellent.

Winter is about to set in. Some of you may have already winterized your home. If you haven’t, now is the time to look for those leaks that let air in.

Using the right winterization techniques is essential to keep your home warm and cozy during the cold winter months. Also by winterizing your home you can reduce your heating bills. You won’t be able to keep the heat inside your little home if you don’t winterize your windows properly. This is particularly important in the case of older homes that are unlikely to have high performance windows.

Most homes have windows and that is a good thing because they let in sunlight and breezes. Unfortunately, the same windows can let in cold drafts. If your windows are leaky you will probably have to get them replaced. If that is not possible, there are still several ways to insulate old windows.

Cottage windows

How to Winterize Windows

First, how do you know if you have a problem? Light a candle and bring it closer to the edges of your window frame. If the candle goes out, it is safe to assume that you have a leak. You’ll need to fill it with caulking.

Remove your window screens and clean the tracks. Now install your storm windows. This is easy if you have relatively square windows.

Bubble wrap can act as a good insulator. You will need a spray bottle, a knife and some bubble wrap to do this. Mist the inside of the window pane with water. Now press a large piece of the bubble wrap to the glass. Make sure that the bubble side is down. Try this method in your spare bedroom. You can keep the window covered when you do not use the room. The bubble wrap is a good idea for a window that you will want to open occasionally.

Putting bubble wrap on your windows is easy. In fact, you can insulate one window in just one minute. The water will hold the bubble wrap in place all winter. Also you can remove it whenever you want. Better still, the bubble wrap will not leave any stains on your window.

Don’t ignore the window frames. You have to fill the leaks in the frame with caulking.

While you can insulate your windows using bubble wrap, they won’t solve the problems caused by a drafty frame. If you are planning to replace the frames, keep in mind that aluminum frames are colder than vinyl or wood. If the leaks are bigger, you should consider using wood filler.

You can also use heavy curtains to insulate against drafty window frames. You will be able to buy curtains specifically designed to absorb heat from the sunrays. Alternatively, you can buy dark curtains. This is a cheap option. Dark colours absorb much more heat than light colours.

Replace your summer screens with glass panes.

You can find window insulator kits at most home improvement stores. These are essentially plastic coverings. While they help insulate the window they are not very attractive to look at. Also they can block sunlight.

If your basement has windows, you can install window wells to protect them. Window wells made of hard plastic costs less than $20.

If your windows are older, you should consider getting them replaced by more energy efficient windows.

aluminum awning for farm fresh produce

Benefits of Aluminum Awnings

Aluminum awnings are more durable than fabric awnings. They also provide protection from sun, rain and moderate amounts of precipitation. By contrast, fabric awnings will have to be rolled back when there is precipitation.

Aluminum awnings protect your home and commercial space from weather elements. You can install them over almost every exterior structure including porches, decks and carports.

Aluminum awnings will keep the space underneath them cool and dry. Install them over your decks or outdoor patio and you will be able to use this space even when it is raining outside. Also by installing them over your windows, you can prevent rain water from entering your indoor space.

Aluminum awnings are more expensive than fabric awnings, but they last decades. They also offer greater protection. Better still, they do not require much maintenance. They only need some occasional rinsing.

It is easy to install aluminum awnings. The whole process does not take longer than a few hours. If you are really handy, you will probably be able to install them on your own; however, this is not exactly recommended.

Aluminum Awning Basics

There are basically two kinds of aluminum awnings – fixed and retractable. Fixed aluminum awnings are undoubtedly the more popular of these two. They are also less expensive than retractable awnings. Fixed awnings are sturdier than their retractable counterparts. They can withstand even hurricane grade storms. They also last longer. You only need to install them once and they will offer protection for your space for several decades.

Limited range of colours and styles can be a problem in the case of metal awnings. While fixed aluminum awnings are available in more styles and colours, you will have fewer choices if you opt for retractable aluminum awnings. They are also more expensive than fixed awnings. Their biggest user benefit is their versatility.

Awnings are installed for protection from the sun and the rain. They block sunlight from entering your space and keep it cooler. However, during the winter months when not much sunlight is available, you will want to retract the awnings so that more sunlight can enter your home. This is not exactly possible if you have installed fixed awnings over your windows. If, on the other hand, you had installed retractable awnings, you could easily roll them back. During the summer months, they will protect your space from heat and light. And during the winter months when you don’t require any protection from sun, they can be retracted.

Retractable awnings are not a great choice if you live in an area where strong winds can be a problem. You will need to roll them back whenever there is a storm forecast. Otherwise, they can suffer serious damage. Retractable awnings may also take more time to close or open.

Aluminum awnings are not suitable for use in a coastal area. Installation can be more expensive especially in the case of retractable aluminum awnings. Electric retracting awnings, in particular, can be quite expensive. If these are not an issue, you have every reason to choose aluminum awnings.