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Commercial rollshutters have many purposes when installed and used by businesses. They can come in multiple types colours, and styles, all to suit your business branding.

Security and Protection

Our product can help everyone out but it mainly applies to retail storefronts, liquor stores, service station, offices, and counter and cabinets enclosures. Some companies that use rollshutters are the Sony Store, Walmart, Hooters, LCBO and most malls. Commercial rollshutters help protect against robbery and break-ins. They are securely locked into place preventing against any exterior damage from happening to your business and preventing from anything inside your business being stolen which gives you peace of mind when going on holidays. Also, since rollshutters are a one-time installment, you won’t have to spend multiple payments as you do with security systems. If you need some convincing about how safe our product is, and how it can keep your business safe, watch this video: Rollshutters also protect your business from some extreme weather conditions as well as intruders. They also help control the amount of sunlight that comes inside and keep the warmth inside your office and the unwanted cold out. Be it wind, rain, sleet, or snow, rollshutters will keep it out.


The rollshutters also come in multiple colours and designs which can make your business visually appealing for your business. With the multiple different colours you can choose from, nothing so visually stunning can protect your home so well. Commercial rollshutters are easy to use, install and maintain. They are strong, secure and durable. We tailor our high quality product to your needs. When installed you can operate them from switches, timers, or even by key. It also helps with noise reduction from the outside world. After seeing all these advantages and benefits to these roll shutters why wouldn’t you want to have one for your own office or business! If you want any more information on Talius Commercial Rollshutters, please contact us.

You can’t control the weather, and in the summertime the sun will blaze all it wants. It’s welcoming to have some warm weather after the cold winter months, but in a way, this too restricts you from enjoying the outdoor spaces in your home. Jans Awning Products has a range of products. Using them is the best way to have the sun when you actually want it and the shade when you really need it.

Retractable awning

The Benefits

The best way to enjoy your outdoor living areas is to shade them from the sun with the convenience of the best awnings, screens and shades. If you think awnings and canopies are only for shade think again. They offer a number of other benefits and satisfy many different functional objectives such as:

  • Energy Savings – Apart from the shade and attraction quotient they provide, awnings help in saving energy in your home or commercial establishment. Any typical home will have windows and maybe a few glass doors too. Though these provide you with a view to the outdoors and let in light and fresh air, they also let in the heat (even when they are shut).
    Solar radiation that streams in through glass accounts for almost 20% of the load on your air-conditioning systems. Having an awning or a shutter above large windows and French doors that lead out into a patio, deck or balcony can provide you with significant energy savings.
  • Protects the Interiors – You decorate your home with a lot of love and pour finances and effort into getting the right furnishing fabrics, carpets, rugs and curtains. But all of this is futile if you do not have the right kind of shade protection for your glass windows.
    The sun’s rays are very powerful and they tend to fade the carpets and furnishings in the interiors as well as the polish on your wooden furniture. The best way to prevent this from happening is to have deep awnings outside large windows.

Our Products

We offer you a number of products, all of which are made of long-lasting, flame-retardant and strong outdoor materials which are easy to clean. We have products like:

  • Retractable Awnings – These provide protection from the sun and rain and are available in manual as well as automatic variants and we are able to customize the widths for you
  • Rollshutters – These are ideal for residential, cottage/ business security and can be used on windows, storefronts, screen storage areas and pool houses. They provide your home, shop or office with the security and help in savings on energy bills too (even when you roll them down at night).
  • Screens & Shutters – These are the perfect way of enhancing your porch, gazebos and patios. They are available in motorized retractable styles and are the perfect way to keep these areas well-shaded

If you have a need for awnings, rollshutters, screens or shutters in Burlington, Ontario, Jans Awning Products has the right product for you. Contact us via the online form on our website or at 905.335.3733.

If you are a school, there are several reasons why you should invest in Talius Rollshutters.


Vandalism is an unfortunate part of running a school, and broken windows are one of the biggest headaches.  It could be from a rival school, a student angry at a bad grade, or from gang activity.  With the rollshutters Jans Awnings installs in the Burlington, Ontario area, you can protect your windows and  eliminate the need for costly emergency glass cleanup, and window replacement.  It also prevents any break and enter attempts to vandalize the hallways with spray paint.


Schools are a prime spot for theft as there are so many expensive items in the school like computers and sports equipment.  As schools are generally open to the public, hundreds, if not thousands of people know the layout of the grounds.  With Talius Rollshutters in place, you make it inconvenient for thievery and eliminate the temptation for a quick smash and grab.

Playground Accidents

I remember being a youngster at Brant Hills Public School and getting extremely upset when I accidentally cracked a window with a basketball that bounced in the wrong direction.  While the teachers were nice about it, and my parents never found out, it was not a pleasant experience as a kid.  Playground accidents are going to happen frequently when softballs, dodgeballs and basketballs are tossed around.  In high traffic areas it makes sense to have a rollshutter to protect windows from damage.


In high school we had a lot of sleepover events for charity or fun.  With the bright florescent lights that keep brighten up the hallways and rooms, anyone can see inside and view what exactly is going on.  Rollshutters ensure your student’s privacy is maintained as they block all prying outside eyes.  Rollshutters also provide complete darkness, which makes it perfect for movie events the school may have.

Storm Protection

Talius Rollshutters offer additional security against strong winds and storm weather. They prevent tree branches from smashing windows, or windows from blowing open and letting in torrential rain pour. Furthermore, in times of emergency due to a bad storm or flooding, the local school gymnasium is often a spot where people gather. Rollshutters offer additional shelter during these times of emergency.

Additional Resources

Rollshutters are the perfect way to protect the investment of your school, as well as the security for your students.  They are perfect for highschools, elementary schools, colleges and universities.  Our rollshutters are customizable, meaning they will blend in with your property and not be unsightly.  Below is a video from Talius that further explains the benefits of rollshutters.

In these tough economic times you have to be careful about where you spend your money. You also have to be conscious about where you might be losing it. For home owners, this could be in the heating and cooling of their home. Your money could be virtually flying out their windows and doors if the glass technology they are using is not up to par.

Jans Awning Products, of Burlington, offers North Star windows and patio doors. The perfect solution to your heating and cooling problems.

Jans offers the North Star product line and specializes in bay and bow windows as well as patio doors. These vinyl windows feature low- e glass and are tested to resist the extreme weather and temperature conditions that Southern Ontario has to offer. Tested by an independent test facility, North Star vinyl window and door products exceeded all industry standards in regards to insulation value and security. North Star offers standard Super Space ® Technology and as an option can provide Pilkington Activ™ self-cleaning glass.

Even with the most expensive, high tech windows though it is imperative that you have proper installation. Jans offers a lifetime warranty on the installation of your North Star windows. You can’t get more confidence than that. In fact they believe in their service so much, the warranty is transferable. North Star too offers a limited lifetime warranty on their windows and patio doors.

North Star Windows will pay for themselves in the money you save in heating and cooling for years to come. Don’t lose money senselessly. Visit Jans Awning Products; a Burlington home improvement institution since 1966, and ask about their window installation.

Your home is one of your biggest investments. Add to that investment and save money in the process. It’s possible.

To get a quote or to see the line of North Star windows go to Jans Awning Products at 4367 Harvester Road Unit 4 in Burlington.

To find out more about North Star Windows go to: www.northstarwindows.com

Jans Awning Products has been enhancing homes since 1966. Providing Burlington, and the surrounding Golden Horseshoe area, with quality products at reasonable price. Great workmanship, satisfied customers and positive word of mouth – is what has kept this business a successful Burlington mainstay. And they have no intention of slowing down.

Visit Jans Awning Products and see what they can do for your home.

One of the many products we offer – a hard top roofing system. Ideal for those looking for more than an awning but a permanent solution to cover an outdoor area. The hard top roofing system is manufactured by Duraform Roof Systems and installed by the professionals at Jans Awning Products. The roof is load bearing and features tongue and groove panels for maximum strength and durability.

The embossed aluminum clad roof system is polystyrene insulated and comes with its own built in gutter system eliminating the need for adding on additional eaves troughs. When attaching to an existing wall space, the Duraform roof can be designed and fit around all wall extrusions such as chimney stacks or window bays. The 1200 series is perfect for car ports, attached or stand-alone patios and features a stucco aluminum ceiling.

Perfect for those wanting a permanent result

The 1201 series is recommended for larger spans and features a thermally broken I-beam that is used to join the panels. The Duraform Roof System is strong enough to use in low slope situations and is virtually maintenance free. Its fascia comes in a choice of colours and offers a skylight option for those looking for a nicer aesthetic.

For more information about this roofing solution give us a call at 905-335-3733. Or visit our showroom at 4367 Harvester Road, Unit 4 in Burlington.

Of course we all need the sun to survive. But sometimes we also need a little protection from it. Both our bodies – and our homes.

Jans Awning Products in Burlington has your house covered, with its effective window treatments.

Retractable screens manufactured by Talius and installed by Jans Awning Products are ideal for reducing the sun’s intrusion, and its harmful UV rays that intrude upon your inner living space. What they do is act like sunglasses, protecting both your eyes and your interior furniture.

The reflective quality of the screens also cuts cooling costs in the summer as less sunlight reaches your inner sanctum. Meanwhile, you still get to enjoy the views your windows afford you.

The retractable screens can be installed one of two ways, a hand cranked system or a motorized system that allows you to operate them with the touch of a button. Both are easy to install. They are perfect for large sliding patio doors and come in various reflective meshes to suit your needs.

Talius also manufactures roll away shutters that provide the perfect barrier to storms and provide an extra layer of home security against intruders. Made from light weight aluminum and insulation they too can be quickly installed by the professionals at Jans Awning Products.

Roll away shutters are ideal for providing total darkness during the day. Perfect for those who work shift work and want to sleep, or for those who might just want to watch a movie and eliminate any incoming glare on the T.V.

Jans can also install Talius’ roll away shutter systems for your business, ensuring security and allowing you peace of mind while your business is closed for the day.

These shutters have been tested in hurricane conditions and are the perfect solution when locking up your vacation home for the season. They come in a number of colours or can also be custom painted to suit your tastes and the look of your home.

For more information about these products give us a call at 905-335-3733.

Extend your living space and allow your outside patio to be another ‘room’ in your house.

Visit Jans Awning Products, located at 4361 Harvester Road in Burlington, and see how the simplicity of an awning can make your outdoor space as appealing and comfortable as your indoor one!

Summer time in Southern Ontario can be hot and humid, making it difficult sometimes to enjoy your backyard. An awning is a simple way to bring shade and comfort to your patio and allow you to spend more time outside. And isn’t that what summer should be all about?

Jans Awning Products uses Dixon and Sunbrella Fabrics and have many colours and patterns. The design professionals are easily able to match your home’s overall taste and style and provide you with a gorgeous awning – that will get your guests out of the kitchen and turn your patio into the entertainment hub the house.

Sunbrella fabrics are durable and are recommended UV protection by the Skin Cancer Foundation. Their fabrics can be found not only on awnings, but also on patio furniture, and boats.

You can choose a fixed awning or a motorized awing, one that comes equipped with a Somfy Motor and allows you to roll it out with the push of a button only when you wish to use it. The professionals at Jans Awning Products can help with the decision of which style awning you might want to choose, factoring in your home needs and your family’s lifestyle.

Jans can have your outdoor solution to summer heat installed quickly and professionally.

Jans also specializes in commercial awning solutions that will bring street appeal and comfort to your customers.

Give us a call at 905-335-3733 to discuss options for your home or business.