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At Jans Awning Products we know a good thing when we see it. When thinking about a patio door it is a must to consider the new North Star patio door. The all-new, full vinyl, fully redesigned door meets all contemporary needs. With it's attractive, long-lasting, hardware and adjustable tandem steel rollers, this door will last you a lifetime.

North Star's efficient patio doors feature rugged PVC profiles for maximum strength and rigidity combined with fusion-welded sashes for a perfect seal and extra-thick tempered glass with energy-efficient Edgetech Premium Super Spacer® technology.

North Star patio doors are equally suited for new construction and remodeling projects and are available in standard two, three or four-panel configurations or are fully customizable to suit your home's specifications. Performance is unaffected by extreme climate conditions including heat, cold and sudden changes in weather.

North Star patio doors are available with a wide range of options, including internal grilles in brass, pewter or coloured to match the exterior.

North Star colours are not painted, but consist of an actual PVC film specifically designed for exterior applications. These UV-resistant acrylic overlays will remain attractive for years to come and never need painting. North Star's colour-extrusion process is AAMA certified.

Our patio doors are available in five exterior colours: white, ivory, hickory, chestnut brown and sandalwood. The beauty of an interior oak finish is now available for select patio door colours (white and hickory).

The new North Star patio door is now fully compatible with our existing window line and can be coupled to other units, be it windows or patio doors, in any imaginable configuration.

Personalize your North Star door by selecting traditional or contemporary decorative grilles. All grilles come in white, ivory, hickory, chestnut brown and sandalwood. Grilles are also available with North Star's oak interior finish with select exterior colours (White, Hickory). For a more elegant accent, consider our pewter or brass grilles and for something particularly special, ask about our contour grilles.

  • Pewter
  • Oak
  • Brass
  • Contour

Standard security features include a single-point lock. North Star also offers several options including a multi-point lock, a solid key lock mechanism or an easy-use security bolt.

Visit the North Star website for more product information and technical performance details.


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