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Replacement Windows

When installing replacement windows we generally replace the full window, including the old frame to ensure maximum view, insulation and draft-control. This way of replacing windows also makes for a more aesthetically pleasing finish on both interior and exterior and is definitely the best way to make sure that you get full value for your money. We use North Star Windows which meet the strict standards for safety and efficiency set by the Canadian Standards Association.

Our factory assembled bay and bow windows from North Star have the unique option of being equipped with a factory insulated head and seat. This feature allows for a better seal between window and insulation material and comes pre-capped to enhance the look of the exterior finish. The standard head and seat is a maintenance-free ¼" melamine, and you have the option of a medium oak veneer that can add a feel of traditional elegance.

Bay windows have a maximum width of 144" and come in a 30-degree projection or a 45-degree projection, depending on the size and shape of the unit.

Bow windows also have a maximum width of 144" and come with a variety of different couplers ranging from 5 degrees to 30 degrees.

There are many styles of windows, and they all come with quite the range of options. Below you will find the different available styles and some of the most common features that need to be considered when purchasing new windows.

  • Picture Window
  • Bay Window
  • Bow Window
  • Casement Window
  • Awning Window
  • Double Hung Tilt
  • Side Slider Tilt
  • Single Slider
  • Single Hung Shaped Units

Various types of vinyl brick-mould are available for brick and siding options. Our brick mould is particularly suited for new construction or a complete tear out for installation of new windows. The beauty of the vinyl brick-mould is that it eliminates the sensitive aluminum capping on the outside of the window frame.

Our windows are available in five exterior colours: white, ivory, hickory, chestnut brown and sandalwood. North Star colours are not painted, but consist of an actual PVC film specifically designed for exterior applications. These UV-resistant acrylic overlays will remain attractive for years to come and never need painting. North Star's colour-extrusion process is AAMA certified.

  • Ivory
  • Hickory
  • Chestnut Brown
  • Sandalwood
  • White

There are many ways to finish a window on the inside. Generally we recommend to use a wood jamb with a vinyl ¼" wood return that is factory installed and eliminates unsightly caulking beads inside your window. The ¼" wood return makes for a nice clean finish on the inside.

Our windows are available in two interior colours: white and oak.

Homeowners who want a multi-paned window have long had to take the high maintenance and poor energy performance that went along with the style… but not anymore. North Star's grilles deliver on good looks. And because they are built between the panes, you'll never have to touch them.

  • Regular Squares
    To break up a large surface of glass or to create that classic country feel, you can choose to have square grilles build into the windowpanes. Generally, the size of the window determines how large the squares will be, however, it is possible to customize your grilles to match existing or create that specific look that you had in mind.
  • Prairie Grilles
    The Prairie grill is also dubbed "Heritage". This stylish accent lends a picturesque and distinctive heritage-feel to new windows… but without having to endure the nuisance of cold drafts and fogged up panes of old windows.
  • Custom and Architectural Grills
    The dramatic hexagon, cathedral, quarter-arch and eyebrow shape of a North Star custom or architectural window can be accentuated with a matching grill. Dozens of unique shapes and sizes are available for our custom windows. Please ask us about the possibilities.
  • Grill Colour Options
    Grilles are available in a wide selection of colours. They are available in pewter, brass, ivory, hickory, chestnut brown, sandalwood and white. The pewter and brass grilles are the same colour on the interior and exterior. The ivory, hickory, chestnut brown, sandalwood and white, the interior is white or oak to match the vinyl on the interior of the window.

There is much more to say about North Star Windows and Patio Doors. For full product description and technical information, please visit their website.


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