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JANS Awning Products : Awning and Window Products

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Fabric Awning

Enhance your outdoor living space and protect your outdoor furniture with a quality retractable awning. For Residential and Commercial, available in many styles and sizes.

Living Room Roll Shutter

For added security, protection from the weather, and aesthetic appeal, we carry a line of rollshutters and retractable screens for Residential, Cottage, and Commercial applications.

Patio Roof
Patio Roofs

Increase your comfort in both summer and winter. The Duraform roof system comes with built in eaves troughs and optional skylights, and can be custom shaped and sized.

Patio Enclosure
Patio Enclosures

Have you ever wished that you could get more use out of your porch or patio?  Jans Awnings can help you do just that with our wide selection of patio enclosures.

House Railing

We offer a wide selection of quality railing products for both residential and commercial applications, to provide safety and enhance the look of your home or business.