Louvered Roof Pergolas (NOT Your Average Pergola!)

Over the last two years, residents of Burlington, Hamilton and surrounding areas have had to spend more time at home than ever. Spending more time at home has made us want to take better advantage of our outdoor spaces, and make them more enjoyable to use.

A trend that we see becoming increasingly more popular is the louvered roof pergola. And here are a few things that we love about it:

This is NOT your average pergola!

When we think about pergolas, many of us still envision wooden, rustic, English-gardeny structures with roses growing up around them. And while these types of pergolas are great if that’s your thing, there is so much more to the modern louvered roof pergola.

Today’s styles are modern, sleek, and elegant. They can transform your outdoor space into a beachy-breezy oasis by the pool or secret getaway to enjoy some romantic el-fresco dining.

It’s all about comfort.

Louvered roofs are the perfect blend of form and function. The design of the roof – while stylish in itself – actually serves a very functional purpose. It provides you with comfort under a variety of weather conditions. Being able to go from partial to full shade and giving full rain protection makes these pergolas a step above your typical wooden structure.

On hot summer days, air circulates through the louvers, creating a natural air conditioning effect. And when the sun is at its brightest or when there is light rain, the louvres can be closed to provide some shade or protection from the elements.

You can make it your own

Our modern louvered roof pergolas aren’t a one size fits all, generic structure either. They are available in a range of styles, colours, and finishes so that you can match it to your existing home and tastes. Depending on what you are looking for, custom options may also be available. Whether it’s built in lighting or wraparound retractable screens we can make your pergola the perfect outdoor oasis

They have tech!

Finally, something that we really love about modern louvered roof pergolas is the technology that has been incorporated into them to make them even more convenient and suited to our busy lives.

Louvres can be opened and closed at the touch of a button – or the tap of a smartphone. LED lighting can also be controlled with the same function or with sensors that let them know when the natural light is starting to fade.

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Introducing the Bavona Louvered Roof System

Burlington residents love spending time outdoors in the backyard enjoying a refreshing beverage, time with friends, or simply chilling with a good book. But harsh sun or rain can have you quickly headed back inside if your outdoor space does not offer adequate shelter.

While there are a number of solutions to this problem, one of the most exciting options to hit the market in recent years are louvered roof systems. The Bavona system is an elegant addition to any Burlington outdoor space, and it gives you the flexibility that you simply don’t get with traditional pergolas.

What is a louvered roof?

Put simply, a louvered roof is a form of outdoor shelter that has slats or shades that can be opened or closed at various angles. In recent years, these systems have become popular additions to decks and patios, but they can also be used to cover pools, hot tubs and garden areas. They can even be worked into existing pergola structures if you find that your current system is not providing enough shade. Other names for these systems include adjustable patio cover, opening roof, and motorized pergola.

Unlike awnings, which can only be either open or closed, louvered roofs opened or closed at various angles so that they let in just the right amount of sun. These roofs can also keep out the rain and reduce the wind.

Benefits of louvered roofs

There are many reasons why more and more Burlington homeowners are choosing louvered roof systems like the Bavona. A few of the benefits include:

  • Shade – by far the most common reason for choosing a louvered roof is to add shade to your outdoor space. Not only do these systems help to protect your eyes on bright days, but they can also extend the life of your patio furniture, grills, etc. which might deteriorate over time with constant exposure to UV rays.
  • Temperature control – this goes with shade but is worth its own mention since these roofs also help to control the airflow in the space, meaning it will be easier to keep your space at a comfortable temperature.
  • Privacy – if your deck or patio is at the ground level, then a louvered roof can help provide you with privacy by blocking the view of nosy neighbours who might be watching out their second-floor window.
  • Low maintenance – Made from durable aluminum, these systems are far less maintenance than traditional pergolas.
  • Visual appeal – The Bavona louvered roof system is sleek and modern looking. For Burlington homeowners who are seeking modern elegance, this system may be the ideal addition to their outdoor space.
  • Ease of use – Like other shade systems we offer here at Jans Awnings, louvered roofs use the latest technology to open and close the shades. Automated control means that you can find the right level of comfort at the touch of a button.

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