Why Awnings and Patio Covers Are Beneficial During COVID-19

Because of our current pandemic situation, the majority of us are spending more time at home than ever. Luckily, warmer days are just around the corner – so for those of us with backyards, some of our time can soon be spent outside. Here are some of the best reasons why now is the perfect time to invest in a patio cover or awning.

retractable backyard awning


Working from Home While Outside

During COVID-19, many Burlington, Ontario residents are now working remotely from their own homes. In some cases, residents have to make due working in non-office like settings – such as around the kitchen table or in a dark, damp basement corner. How nice would it be to be able to move the office outside, instead?

As long as you have a laptop, you can easily set up a temporary workspace outside. Without a proper covering, however, you are leaving yourself unprotected from the sun’s harmful rays or light rain. Plus, you may find working outside difficult due to the glare created between the sun and your laptop. With a patio cover or awning, those problems disappear – leaving you with an opportunity to enjoy your new work setting at the same time as you enjoy nature!

Keeping Children Entertained

With the closure of schools, playgrounds, trails, and play centres, keeping your kids entertained while inside at home can be a challenge. Spring presents the solution: being able to play outside for hours!

Patio covers and awnings are a great way to stay protected while playing with your kids outdoors. Use an outdoor rug underneath the covering to create a space that young children can safely crawl around or play with small toys. Even during light rain, an awning can provide hours of playtime outside.

An added bonus? Since patio furniture remains protected from the weather elements, its lifetime is also extended.

Getting Fresh Air

During a pandemic, it can be easy to go into hibernation mode and stay inside your home.

As difficult as it may be some days, you and your family members should spend some time outside every day. Spending time outdoors provides your body with a natural source of vitamin D from the sun. Known for improving resistance against certain diseases and facilitating normal growth and development of bones and teeth, vitamin D is an important part of one’s overall well-being.

A patio cover or awning can shield you and your family from potential sun damage, allowing the benefits of vitamin D to be received safely.

Installing a Patio Cover or Awning at Your Burlington Property

Weeks into the pandemic, many Burlington, Ontario residents are starting to go stir-crazy in their homes.

Whether you’re working from home, trying to keep the kids entertained or simply want a change of scenery, having a patio cover or awning can provide the solution. It allows more time to spent outside while keeping you and your family protected from the sun’s harmful UV rays.

To learn more about installing a patio roof or awning at your property, contact our team today.


Benefits of Having a Permanent Patio Roof

If you are looking for a little more coverage and protection for your patio, then you may have considered installing a permanent patio roof. At Jans Awning Products we provide a number of types and styles of these roofs including aluminum, acrylic as well as custom designed patio roofs.

permanent patio roof


But what are the benefits of a permanent patio roof?


Like retractable awnings, these permanent roofs protect from wind, rain, sun and snow. Because of this, they can potentially help you increase the amount of time that you spend outside. When the hot summer sun is at its most intense, you won’t have to worry about becoming sunburned, because you’ll have a nice shady location where you can chat with a friend, sip a refreshing beverage or curl up with a good book.

Likewise, when the weather gets a little unsettled and rainy, you can still enjoy the great outdoors and scent of freshly fallen rain.

Patio roofs not only protect people. They also protect your patio furniture and any other items you might keep on your patio. Over time, the elements can cause patio furniture to look old and worn. But with a permanent roof protecting your possessions, you can help to extend the life of these items.

Another benefit is that less debris is likely to get on to your patio, so that means you won’t have to sweep or hose it down as frequently.

Less Maintenance

Some people prefer permanent patio roofs to retractable awnings because there are no moving parts. This potentially means less maintenance. With a permanent patio roof, you don’t have to worry about whether or not you remembered to retract the awning.


These roofs are convenient and very durable. Some styles can be custom shaped to fit around structures of your home such as bays or chimneys. They can have built-in gutter systems to channel rainfall away from your patio.


Furthermore, there are many different looks and styles to choose from. We can help you pick out a patio roof that will look beautiful with your home.

Whether you choose to go with a retractable awning or a permanent patio roof will ultimately come down to your personal preference and lifestyle. One will offer you more options for sun or shade while the other has the potential to provide a more considerable amount of convenience.

Both, however, will give you greater control over your outdoor space and can look beautiful with your home. Furthermore, with protection from the elements, these roofs can make entertaining guests more enjoyable because you won’t have to worry about whether you’ll have to move people inside if the weather doesn’t cooperate.

If you would like more information about patio roofs, or would like to speak with one of our experts to determine whether this would be a good option for your home, we would be happy to chat with you. Call the Jans Awning Products team today at 905-335-3733.

Patio Roofs Not Just for Your Grandma

We all remember those multicoloured aluminum roofs at our Grandma’s house. Heck, many still exist. No one can say those things weren’t sturdy. Although they provided much-needed shade, let’s face it. They were ugly.

Today’s options for shelter from the sun have evolved. They are much more pleasing to the eye while still doing the job of cooling both the outdoors and the inside of your home. There are shelter options out there for any need and taste. Finding the right one to fulfill your needs and taste is key.

outdoor patio roof


Patio Awnings

Retractable cloth awnings can provide that unique design quality to any outdoor space. These awnings can be mounted just about anywhere and come in a variety of colours. The selection of fabric and colour are near endless and these fabrics are designed specifically for the outdoors, providing shelter from both the sun and light rain. A retractable awning can be manual or electric and can come with remote control.

Awnings are still a big hit and are much more attractive. Awnings still come in the traditional aluminum material and can be fixed like those from the past or louvered to provide a multitude of shade options. Those louvered roofs can be powered by electricity or solar and of course like everything nowadays, they can come with a remote. This remote can be operated from outside or inside the home.

Aluminium Patio Roofs

If you opt for a more permanent patio roof, you might consider some of the options that are available to you with that roof. Skylights aren’t just for the inside of your home. A skylight can provide shelter while still giving your that great view. A patio roof will have everything your other roofs have, ensuring that it protects not just you, but your home. With built in eaves and optional skylights, your patio roof can be customized to work with and around your chimney or bay windows. Unlike many shelter options, an aluminum patio roof will be custom made to accommodate your unique needs.

Patio roofs are sleek, stylish, contemporary and complement any outdoor space. They are maintenance free and are strong enough to withstand a great load of snow. Patio roofs aren’t just for patios. These modern aluminum roofs are being used in carports as well as porches.

Increasing your enjoyment of the outdoors comes in many forms. If the elements and temperature of your outdoor environment are keeping you inside, investing in a more permanent solution to these woes might be the solution. Enjoying all that you have worked so hard for is key. A patio roof will have you outside, enjoying your yard, your neighbours and your little piece of heaven.

Are you interested in an Aluminium Patio Roof or Awning?  Contact Jans Awning Products.  Located in Burlington, we serve the surrounding areas like Oakville, Guelph, Niagara and Hamilton.

patio cover being used to protect a car

Protecting Your Car With A Patio Cover

Whenever people think of patio covers, they tend to think of these structures solely as protection from the glaring summer sun’s heat on a patio or deck.

Although patio covers are typically built for expanding outside space, entertaining and providing shelter from the elements, they can keep your car cooler during the summer heat as a carport.

Not only does it add protection for your car, but it also contributes both functional and aesthetic benefits. It’s a good investment, adds beauty and value to your home, both of which will be taken into account for attracting future potential buyers.

aluminum patio roof

Protection From The Elements:

A patio cover (or roof) can protect your car from the elements; provide a dry storage area for your lawn equipment in addition to using it as a sitting area to escape the sun’s heat. It can protect your vehicle not only from rain, sun and debris, but during the winter months too. A patio cover can help to protect your vehicle from the harsh winter and provides a safe spot for you to enter and leave your car during inclement weather.

Strong and Sturdy:

Because aluminum patio covers can withstand high winds and heavy snow loads, they are a perfect solution for people who live in harsh weather conditions, like Ontario. You won’t have to worry about your patio covers coming apart or being damaged since they are designed for these types of conditions.

Patio covers are flexible and made with high-quality, structural aluminum. Aluminum is low in weight, strong and corrosive resistant, environment and Eco-friendly since aluminum is recyclable. Alloying, which is the addition of other elements such as copper, magnesium silicon and manganese is used to increase the strength of aluminum.

Maintenance Free:

Unlike wood structures, patio covers are virtually maintenance free and designed not to rust, warp, crack, rot or become infested with insects. Any dust or dirt that may accumulate is easily sprayed down with a hose.

They are constructed to maintain their original colour and texture. The high-end aluminum patio covers colour will not fade, since they are powder coated. This means that manufacturers use the same powder coating method for patio covers as they do to paint your car.


Patio covers used as a carport can be free-standing or attached to your existing home or garage. They are fully customizable and available in a variety of trim options. The cover is made of insulated laminated roof panels that snap together tightly to form a strong, structurally sound roof as well as a weather-proof barrier protecting your vehicle from the elements.  There is also the option of having an open lattice design and some aluminum patio covers include gutters and downspouts.

Companies like Jans Awing Products offer an embossed aluminum clad insulated roof system with built-in eaves troughs and optional skylights. Their Duraform Roof System can be custom shaped and sized to fit around existing structures such as a chimney, bays and patio spaces to create a convenient covered carport.

aluminum carport

Aluminum Patio Roofs & Carport Protection

After your home, your vehicle is likely one of your larger investments. Keeping it protected from the elements is well worth the trouble. In Ontario, ice, hail, heavy rains, and snow can wreak havoc on both your car’s exterior and interior. But sometimes a garage simply isn’t an option. This is where Jans Awning Products aluminum patio covers come in handy. Not only are these versatile and durable coverings great for extending the life of your patio season but they also act as a fantastic carport cover.

aluminum carport

Durable Aluminum Carport Covers

At Jans Awning Products we take quality seriously. Every single product that we offer our valuable clients is manufactured using the best materials, and diligently tested and re-tested to ensure its safety and durability. Our aluminum carport and patio covers are no different. Our aluminum roofing products are constructed using a Duraform Roof System. This means that they come equipped with all the necessary features you need in a roof. For example built in gutters, and a thermally broken rear shelf. Our team of engineers have developed a product that is as safe and durable as it is versatile. With an aluminum carport cover from Jans Awning Products you can be confident knowing that your vehicle is safe from the elements. Better yet, you won’t have to spend hours this winter shoveling snow off your car!

Custom Aluminum Carport Covers

Not only are all of our products made with the best possible materials, but they are also customizable. No two carports are alike. This is why we offer custom aluminum carport covers. Our qualified team will start by scheduling a complimentary consultation to assess your carport and suggest possible aluminum roof applications. We’ll draw up the designs and help you pick the best option for your lifestyle, space, and budget. An aluminum roof offers a huge amount of versatility and customization. We can easily adapt to abnormal spaces, chimneys, patio spaces, and pre-existing structures to create a convenient covered carport.

1200 and 1201 Series Aluminum Carport Covers

Jans Awning Products offers two aluminum cover options: The 1200 Series and the 1201 Series. Both of these options offer the same quality and durability. The 1200 Series is the most commonly used product. In addition to its impressive durability it is also capable of bearing weight. Its strength is increased with a clever tongue and groove installation combined with a polystyrene installation, and finished with stucco. Meanwhile, the 1201 Series is suited well for even larger spans. It has all of the features offered in the 1200 Series as well as a thermally broken “I” beam joining the polyurethane or polystyrene roof panels. It too is finished with stucco. Both the 1200 and the 1201 Series come with a built in gutter, optional skylights, and a maintenance free guarantee!

To learn more about using our aluminum roofs for your carport, or to schedule your complimentary consultation contact Jans Awning Products today!


When Strength Matters: Aluminum Patio Roofs

Making sure that you have a reliable, well maintained roof over your head is a pretty crucial part of being a homeowner. In fact, it’s one of the most important. At Jan’s Awnings Products we know that! We are committed to making sure that all of our clients receive not only the best quality materials but superior client care. Our aluminum patio roofs are no exception.


Aluminum Patio Roof Durability

At Jan’s Awnings, we pride ourselves in our uncompromising use of quality materials. When it comes to aluminum patio roofs we use embossed-aluminum clad insulated roof systems. The built-in eaves troughs and optional skylights take the guess work out of home maintenance. Our aluminum patio roofs are called the Duraform Roof System. These incredibly durable, and versatile patio roofs also offer a thermally broken rear shelf.

The Duraform Roof System Advantage

Your patio is a personal space, an oasis even! It is where you entertain, where you relax, where memories are made and where you just escape from it all. A Duraform Roof System from Jan’s extends your patio season by weeks, even months! Imagine not having to wait for the perfect cloudless sunny day to enjoy your patio. Instead, your patio can become an all season space for you and your family. Each and every one of our Duraform Roof Systems can be customized and tailored to fit any space. If you have an irregularly shaped patio, fear not! The expert installation team at Jan’s Awning Products has years of experience customizing our Duraform Roof Systems to fit even the most awkward spaces.

Aluminum Patio Roof Maintenance

Since 1966, Jans Awning Products has been providing Burlington and the surrounding area with superior service. Residents in Burlington and southwestern Ontario love spending time outdoors. And with so many homes with waterfront access, finding a patio roof solution that can withstand the elements is important. One of the most convenient advantages of the Duraform Roof System is its low maintenance upkeep and incredible durability. Aluminum patio roofs are a permanent, hard top roofing system that looks fantastic alongside most home styles. You can be confident with your investment knowing that it will look brand new for years to come.

Duraform Roof Systems look fantastic alongside our Trex Composite Decking. Not only does an aluminum patio roof look fantastic, but it’s also up to the job. These load bearing roofs feature tongue and groove panels that enhance its strength and durability. Using an embossed, aluminum clad product that is insulated with polystyrene, we can assure you the Duraform Roof System is up to the job.

Duraform Roof System Versatility

Aluminium Patio roofs from Jan’s Awning Products can be customized to provide shelter on an attached patio, or act as a stand alone structure in backyard recreation areas. Aluminum patio shelters are a great addition to outdoor kitchens, and gardening spaces. By protecting yourself from the elements you can enjoy the space all year round!

To learn more about Jan’s Duraform Roof System and all of our aluminum patio roof products, contact Jans Awning Products today!

porch roof garden

Creating Attractive Property Lines

A benefit of having an awning, whether it be a retractable awning or patio roof is that you can sit comfortably on your deck or porch and enjoy your property.

backyard patio with garden

One of the most common reasons that homeowners landscape property lines is simply to create a line of demarcation along a boundary. In doing so, there is always a clear understanding where your property ends and your neighbour’s begins. The mutual goal for landscaping the property line is to create privacy and security. This aim can be accomplished in many different ways using various options.

Based upon your aspirations for the end result, you may have to decide on whether a privacy fence is right for you in creating your distinctive line of demarcation, but border plantings can have a similar effect as well depending on the species. Perhaps you would like to incorporate both to some degree so there is a blend of hardline definition along with a softer look of beauty and colour. You may want to consider even using a deck, patio and garden off the main house for boundary separation. Seldom do we think of awnings as property boundaries, but depending on the direction the house sits in relation to your next door neighbour, an awning can help to define that separation when surrounded by your landscape.

Evergreen Shrubs:

Evergreen shrubs are both an attractive and a practical way for landscaping property lines because they provide foliage to admire all four seasons of the year. In addition to their visual good looks, they offer homeowners year-round privacy. Even though their name suggests “evergreen”, don’t think that you’re restricted to the colour green because some species offer colours that will make your property line shimmer with gold. They can be planted as hedges that can be trimmed for a formal look or left to grow according to their natural patterns and growth cycle.

Fast Growing Shrubs for Screening & Colour:

When you don’t have time on your side to achieve your privacy screening, you might want to consider selecting fast-growing shrubs that will produce the desired effect in a hurry. Shrubs like Lilac, Forsythia, Rose of Sharon and Mock Orange are steady growers that put on a beautiful and bountiful display of accent for your property flowering shrubs.


As any good landscaper will tell you, a combination of evergreen and flowering shrubs can offer you the best of both worlds for landscaping property lines. With a little thought ahead of time and planning, you can some grow enough evergreens to block the public’s gaze, while having enough colours dispersed throughout for an eye-catching boundary display.


A well-manicured hedge is ideal for forming a partition that replicates a wall. The wall of green offers homeowners a good middle ground for those people who crave their privacy but dislike fences. Unlike mixed borders, a hedge gives the appearance of straight line lines and even surface with a formality and crispness of a hardscape feature. Hedges require more upkeep to maintain their uniform and distinguished appearance, but it’s worth the effort to have your property line defined.


Trees are a popular plant choice in landscaping property lines.  In addition to offering privacy, trees are natural insulators and windbreakers. For a tree to be effective near a street, a tree must be pollution tolerant, such as being able to survive the onslaught of road salt. Additionally, some species grow to be quite large, so consider what impact this will have on your property and your neighbour. If size is an issue, a dwarf tree might be a good alternative dwarf trees.


As the old saying goes, good fences make good neighbours, this particularly holds true when discussing property lines. There are numerous fencing options available for landscaping property lines and your final selection will depend on what you wish to achieve. While some are meant for total privacy, others are more ornamental in their design; however, both will provide a distinct demarcation between you and your neighbour.

Stone Wall:

A stone wall is another landscaping technique to draw attention to a boundary or property line.  If fences, bushes and trees are disqualified for any number of reasons, such as cost or maintenance, a stone wall may be suitable for your property. You have the choice of complementing it with growing vines or leave it as a stand-alone attraction, but either way, it will make a definitive statement. Jans Awning Products in Burlington installs awnings, windows, patio roofs and canopies which are meant to enhance your outdoor living experience.  If you live in the Burlington area, contact Jans Awning Products today for more information.

aluminum patio roof with eavestroughs

Enhance your Outdoor Living Space with a Patio Roof

Your patio enhances the usability of your outdoor space. It is a private retreat where you can relax protected from the elements. A patio need not necessarily have a roof, but if you want the space to be usable throughout the year, you have to add a roof. A patio roof will protect it from harsh sunlight and rain.

A patio roof can be freestanding structure or it can be attached to your house with a ledger. In either case, you need a series of columns or posts to support the structure.

If you are adding a roof to your existing patio, you can bolt the columns to the substructure of the patio. In this case, the columns will support the rafters and beams. If the patio overhead is attached to the house, then the ledger will support the rafters.

You can either leave the rafters open or cover them with a patio roof material. Plenty of options are available.

Patio roof materials

You can choose from a variety of roofing materials including plastic, metal, wood and vinyl. Before choosing a roofing material, you have to consider your needs as well as the climate of your region. If you don’t know which material is best for your climate, you should ask your contractor. The staff at the local home improvement store will also be able to guide you in the right direction. While choosing a roofing material, you also need to pay attention to the visual appearance.

Metal roofing

Metal is one of the most popular patio roofing options. Aluminum patio roofs are durable and affordable. It also fits in with almost all patio styles. Metal roofing has to be installed by a professional. Improper installation may cause the roof to leak. As you can imagine, a leaky roof will damage your patio furniture. On the flip side, metal roofs can get uncomfortably hot. If you intend to spend a lot of time in your patio during the summer months, metal roofing perhaps isn’t the best choice.

aluminum patio roof with eavestroughs

Wood roofing

Wood roofing is ideal for regions with moderate climates. Wood is incredibly durable but it requires proper maintenance. However, wood is not suitable for covering patios in rainy climates.

Vinyl roofing

Vinyl and plastic are also used to cover patios. Vinyl has several pros. It is available in a wide variety of patterns and colors. It can be installed easily and it also provides excellent protection from the sun. You can buy sheets of vinyl made to fit the dimensions of your patio. The biggest problem with vinyl roofing is that it can get blown off in heavy winds or storms. If storms are common in your region, you should have the roofs removed from the patio before a storm breaks out.

Patio Roof Options

Different types of roofing are used on patios. It is easy to install open roofing such as lattice panels. Solid roofing will have to be installed by a professional contractor. Awnings can also be used to cover patios. Permanent roofs are more expensive, but they are durable. Before constructing a roof over your patio, make sure that the design meets local building codes.

Please contact us to discuss your options.