Patio Roofs Not Just for Your Grandma

We all remember those multicoloured aluminum roofs at our Grandma’s house. Heck, many still exist. No one can say those things weren’t sturdy. Although they provided much-needed shade, let’s face it. They were ugly.

Today’s options for shelter from the sun have evolved. They are much more pleasing to the eye while still doing the job of cooling both the outdoors and the inside of your home. There are shelter options out there for any need and taste. Finding the right one to fulfill your needs and taste is key.

outdoor patio roof


Patio Awnings

Retractable cloth awnings can provide that unique design quality to any outdoor space. These awnings can be mounted just about anywhere and come in a variety of colours. The selection of fabric and colour are near endless and these fabrics are designed specifically for the outdoors, providing shelter from both the sun and light rain. A retractable awning can be manual or electric and can come with remote control.

Awnings are still a big hit and are much more attractive. Awnings still come in the traditional aluminum material and can be fixed like those from the past or louvered to provide a multitude of shade options. Those louvered roofs can be powered by electricity or solar and of course like everything nowadays, they can come with a remote. This remote can be operated from outside or inside the home.

Aluminium Patio Roofs

If you opt for a more permanent patio roof, you might consider some of the options that are available to you with that roof. Skylights aren’t just for the inside of your home. A skylight can provide shelter while still giving your that great view. A patio roof will have everything your other roofs have, ensuring that it protects not just you, but your home. With built in eaves and optional skylights, your patio roof can be customized to work with and around your chimney or bay windows. Unlike many shelter options, an aluminum patio roof will be custom made to accommodate your unique needs.

Patio roofs are sleek, stylish, contemporary and complement any outdoor space. They are maintenance free and are strong enough to withstand a great load of snow. Patio roofs aren’t just for patios. These modern aluminum roofs are being used in carports as well as porches.

Increasing your enjoyment of the outdoors comes in many forms. If the elements and temperature of your outdoor environment are keeping you inside, investing in a more permanent solution to these woes might be the solution. Enjoying all that you have worked so hard for is key. A patio roof will have you outside, enjoying your yard, your neighbours and your little piece of heaven.

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