Awnings Add Value to your Home

Burlington Home with Awnings

Awnings are an easy way to update your home, adding value as well as functionality. You can instantly transform your space and a new awning is a smart financial investment which will help pay for itself. Not to mention the other wonderful benefits that come with owning an awning.

Burlington Home with Awnings

Awnings and Energy Efficiency

Awnings over your windows, doors and patios can provide you with a great deal of energy savings. Some statistics show awnings reduce air conditioning costs by as much as 25%. When heat is transmitted through the glass windows in your home, it can cause you to turn up your air conditioner in order to cool your home. By having awnings over your doors and windows you block the UV rays and reduce UV transmission. Because of this you won’t have to pay as much in utilities to cool your home in the summer.

Extra Living Space

Awnings add extra livable space on your deck. Having an awning will reduce the heat on that area of the deck making it possible to enjoy the deck even on the hottest days. It will be a great spot to entertain and relax with friends and family. How many times have you had to head inside due to the heat or rain? With an awning, that rarely happens because you have protection from the elements.

Curb Appeal

One of the main reasons people have awnings installed is for aesthetic purposes. Awnings are an easy way to enhance the look and design of your home. Awnings come in almost endless styles, colours and patterns it’s not hard to find one that fits perfectly with your style and your house.

Money Savings with Awnings

Awnings not only save on energy, but without the constant need to increase the AC from all that heat entering your home through the windows, they save on the wear and tear of the unit itself. That means the also save on repairs and parts for service. Awnings can also help protect furnishings, curtains and rugs from sun damage so you don’t have to buy new items for a longer time.

Great Value

Awnings are very durable. Most will last for a long period of time, roughly 10 years. And the cost savings more than makes awnings a great purchase.

Adding an awning to your home can increase your home’s overall value. Awnings immediately add great curb appeal to your home, and in the event that you put your home up for sale, adding an awning is a great way to attract potential buyers and help make that desirable first impression. Awnings are also wonderful in a neighbourhood that looks the same, giving your home a distinct and unique look and feel that allows it to stand out from a crowd.

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