The Benefits of Motorized Awnings

Retractable awnings are a great investment for your home by contributing to your outdoor living space. Not only does a retractable awning add aesthetic appeal to your home, but it also provides lasting benefits for you to enjoy, such as allowing you to enjoy the sun or shade at any time. Also, a retractable awning helps to personalize your deck or patio for optimal comfort, but which type should you choose, manual or motorized?

Retractable Awnings


Both types will do the job, but there are significant benefits to installing a motorized retractable patio awning. Here are some of the top reasons why many homeowners end up deciding on a motorized system instead of a manual method.

Convenience of Motorized Awnings

The convenience and ease of operating a motorized patio awning can’t be matched since it comes with a remote control that’s a snap to operate. With the push of a button, you can unroll or roll up your patio awning to the desired level instead of constantly cranking a lever to set the awning to the desired position.

With a remote in your hand, you can adjust your patio awning as the sun changes and never even have to get up to set the position, unlike a manual, which requires more time, more up and down motion from you chair and increased manual labor. You get to continue relaxing while the motor does the work for you.

Motorized retractable awnings are particularly advantageous when a bad rain storm whips up. Would you rather stand outside in a downpour with violent winds while physically cranking a shaft to roll in your patio awning or touch a button from the comfort and safety inside?

Finally, seniors, people with arthritis, or those with wrist problems, such as carpal tunnel syndrome, may find manual cranking hard on their joints. Automatic motorized awnings can make a difficult process much easier.


The benefits of motorized patio awnings go beyond being able to retract them automatically. They come with features and accessories that you can individualize, such as synchronizing your awning to sense rain, sunlight or wind. These advanced automated settings not only increase the ease and convenience of managing your patio awning but makes sure that the awning will stay safe during poor weather conditions. These features allow you the freedom from worrying when to roll in your patio awning during inclement weather if it knows when to do so itself.

Final Thoughts on Motorized Awnings:

To some, the benefits of motorized retractable patio awnings far outweigh those of manual ones. With a motorized patio awning, you can have the most modern outdoor living space designed for supreme convenience. If you’re in the market for a new patio awning, you can contact Jans Awning Products in Burlington Ontario to learn more about the benefits of motorized retractable patio awnings.