Everything You Should Know About Awning Colour Choices

Everything You Should Know About Awning Colour Choices

Purchasing an awning for your home or business is a decision you won’t regret. From UV protection to energy savings, awnings are one of the best investments you can make.

But before you can start reaping its benefits, you’ll have to make some decisions – starting with choosing a colour. The following tips can help you when selecting a colour for your new awning.

What to Consider When Choosing a Colour

Whether your awning is for your home or business, you’ll want to ensure it looks aesthetically pleasing.

Start by considering the overall look you’re trying to achieve. Is it to make a bold statement? Or would you rather have a colour that highlights your home or business – rather than be the main focus?

Since it can be challenging to get awning fabric that’s an exact match to your home’s exterior, try choosing an appropriate accent or complementing colour instead. For traditional-style homes, forest green, navy blue, black, white, and grey look appealing. If you own a cottage-style or colonial home, accent stripes using reds, greens, dark blues, and other daring colours will complement well. As a contemporary homeowner, consider getting an awning in a brighter colour such as yellow or blue. With so many colours and collections of fabric to choose from there truly is something for everyone.

As a business owner, an awning colour can play a big role in attracting patrons – if it’s the right one! Having colours that don’t suit the branding image you are trying to achieve wouldn’t be a great idea to advertise your establishment.  You could always choose an awning colour that ties in nicely with your branding. This makes it easier for patrons to identify your business from the street.

Awning Frame Colours at Jans Awnings

The colours available for your awning depend on the type of awning you select. In general, our standard frames are usually available in white, ivory, beige, silver, black, and bronze (dark brown). More recently, we have introduced a modern charcoal colour which looks great on most homes or buildings.

Some of our high-end shade products allow you to select a custom colour for an additional cost. This is a great option if you’re a homeowner looking to achieve an exact match to your home’s brick, stone, or siding.

Awning Fabric Colour at Jans Awnings

When it comes to awning fabric colours, our options are endless! For some of the most popular colours – such as beige or black – no long wait time is necessary when you order. That’s because we keep inventory on hand for the most requested colours.

With almost every colour of the rainbow available, it can get overwhelming to make a decision. If you’re a part of a condo board, why not limit the colour choices to several approved shades? This makes it easier for your residents and can create a more uniform appearance across the homes in your community.

Our team can offer you plenty of advice when selecting an awning colour you’ll love! Contact us today for more tips on choosing an appropriate one.