Do I need a permit for my commercial awning in Burlington?

Branding is essential for the success of your business. It helps you stand out from our competition. Your logo isn’t the only branding tool that you have at your disposal. Your corporate awnings also play a crucial role in improving the recognition of your brand.

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Awnings not only provide protection from weather elements; they are also great branding tools. Even large corporations use awnings as a marketing tool.

How to use awnings to promote your brand

Many organizations use awnings to protect their commercial space from heat and dust. Besides offering protection from the weather elements, they act as excellent marketing tools. Corporate awnings are quite versatile. They offer numerous benefits. They can complement your signage and the exterior of your building. Here are some of the benefits offered by commercial awnings.

Anwnings Create an Impression

Awnings complete the look of your commercial building. They add a signature touch to the façade. Small businesses install awnings above their doors and windows. One way of impressing your brand upon your customers is to use awnings made with your corporate colors and logo. Install them on the exterior of your buildings to brand your business.

Create Landmarks with Awnings

Some businesses occupy historic buildings. This is done to distinguish them from their competition. However, in cities most buildings look more or less the same. You can make your corporate structure stand out from the rest by having unique awnings installed on them. This will differentiate your building from other similar looking buildings in its surroundings. This is a great branding method. In addition, the awnings will enhance the look of your building.
The same awnings can be used to cover your side entrances and parking areas. They provide a consistent look to your commercial property and also offer protection from the weather elements. To make your business look modern and smart, you have to work on your branding efforts continuously.

Awning Permits

You need a building permit to install an awning on your commercial structure in Burlington. You have to follow certain norms. There are also restrictions regarding the kind of materials that can be used.
• All awnings installed over your commercial building have to be supported by metal rods. They should be attached to the building and leave the sidewalk unobstructed. All awnings have to be installed at least seven feet above the sidewalk.
• The awning fabric should cover the supporting structure properly. There should be no unsecured/loose edges.
• The colours as well as the materials should blend well with the surrounding structures. Make sure that you choose awnings that complement the overall design theme of the street.
• The awning has to be installed in such a way that it does not extend into public sidewalk.
• The awning has to be installed below the signage that represents your company.
• Lighting and other materials attached to the awning should be fixed to the supporting structure properly.

As we have already seen, commercial awnings are great branding tools. If you need help with choosing the right kind of awnings for your business, get in touch with us.