Fixed aluminum awnings vs. retractable awnings

aluminum awning for farm fresh produce

aluminum awning for farm fresh produce

Benefits of Aluminum Awnings

Aluminum awnings are more durable than fabric awnings. They also provide protection from sun, rain and moderate amounts of precipitation. By contrast, fabric awnings will have to be rolled back when there is precipitation.

Aluminum awnings protect your home and commercial space from weather elements. You can install them over almost every exterior structure including porches, decks and carports.

Aluminum awnings will keep the space underneath them cool and dry. Install them over your decks or outdoor patio and you will be able to use this space even when it is raining outside. Also by installing them over your windows, you can prevent rain water from entering your indoor space.

Aluminum awnings are more expensive than fabric awnings, but they last decades. They also offer greater protection. Better still, they do not require much maintenance. They only need some occasional rinsing.

It is easy to install aluminum awnings. The whole process does not take longer than a few hours. If you are really handy, you will probably be able to install them on your own; however, this is not exactly recommended.

Aluminum Awning Basics

There are basically two kinds of aluminum awnings – fixed and retractable. Fixed aluminum awnings are undoubtedly the more popular of these two. They are also less expensive than retractable awnings. Fixed awnings are sturdier than their retractable counterparts. They can withstand even hurricane grade storms. They also last longer. You only need to install them once and they will offer protection for your space for several decades.

Limited range of colours and styles can be a problem in the case of metal awnings. While fixed aluminum awnings are available in more styles and colours, you will have fewer choices if you opt for retractable aluminum awnings. They are also more expensive than fixed awnings. Their biggest user benefit is their versatility.

Awnings are installed for protection from the sun and the rain. They block sunlight from entering your space and keep it cooler. However, during the winter months when not much sunlight is available, you will want to retract the awnings so that more sunlight can enter your home. This is not exactly possible if you have installed fixed awnings over your windows. If, on the other hand, you had installed retractable awnings, you could easily roll them back. During the summer months, they will protect your space from heat and light. And during the winter months when you don’t require any protection from sun, they can be retracted.

Retractable awnings are not a great choice if you live in an area where strong winds can be a problem. You will need to roll them back whenever there is a storm forecast. Otherwise, they can suffer serious damage. Retractable awnings may also take more time to close or open.

Aluminum awnings are not suitable for use in a coastal area. Installation can be more expensive especially in the case of retractable aluminum awnings. Electric retracting awnings, in particular, can be quite expensive. If these are not an issue, you have every reason to choose aluminum awnings.