Wind Sensor Maintenance for Motorized Awnings

A wind sensor on your retractable awning can give you peace of mind knowing that if you are away from your Burlington home and an unexpected windstorm kicks up, your awning will automatically retract. This is important as it will protect the awning from becoming damaged in high winds.

But to ensure that your wind sensor functions the way it should, occasional maintenance is necessary. Here are a few things that you need to know to get the most out of your Somfy wind sensor.

Ensure the sensor is mounted correctly

For the wind sensor to operate properly, it must be mounted correctly. The round silver magnet must be attached to the mounting bracket. Ensure that the insert on the inside of the housing has the batteries aligned with the foam pad designed to help hold them in place.

How to tell if the wind sensor needs new batteries

Your wind sensor is designed to retract your awning during high winds, but if you find that your motorized awning is retracting every 30 to 60 minutes when there isn’t any wind, then this is a sign that it is time to change the batteries in your wind sensor. This is because your motor is looking for a signal from the sensor but not receiving one. If the motor cannot find the wind sensor signal it retracts as a precautionary measure.

Change the battery regularly

In addition to changing your sensor’s batteries when the awning is retracting, you should also change them on a fixed yearly schedule. It is usually most convenient to do this at the end of the summer as it helps to prepare your awning for winter.

Bring the sensor inside in the winter

The wind sensor is designed to be easily removed from its mounting plate. By bringing it inside during the winter you ensure that the batteries won’t be damaged and leak harmful battery acid over the sensors electronics.

How to replace your batteries

When it is time to replace your batteries in the spring, you will require two AAA alkaline batteries and a small screwdriver. Begin by removing the sensor housing from the awning by gently pushing it or giving it a knock towards the left. There are markings on the face or underside of the sensor that indicate the direction for lock and unlock.

Once the housing is free from the mounting plate you can then use a small screwdriver or pocketknife to remove the sensor from the housing. There is a spring tab on the electronics insert on the opposite end from the batteries. Then insert new batteries into the battery compartment. You should then see the green LED light blink to indicate that the sensor is receiving power (some older sensors may have a red LED light).

Finally, snap the sensor back into the housing and reattach the housing to your awning, ensuring that the arrows are in the same position that they were before.

You can then test the sensor by simulating wind. To do this, push up and down on the front bar of the awning. This should cause the sensor to detect “wind” and retract the awning.

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